The glowing lamps shower light
As I wait for you day and night

The sandalwood paste is not yet dry
But to call your name I still feel shy...

My white dress is waiting to see us together
With golden memories, spreading on the border
Come and touch my flowers blooming for you
Come to kiss my forehead like the sandal cool

Take me into your arms and feel the soft touch
Be careful !The noise of my anklets is too much

When you hold my wrists, just ignore my bangles
They try to attract, with colors which are flawless

And my chains really have no shame or fear
They dream of binding you, when you come near

Remember to take away the pride from my ring
It thinks, holding my finger, is a rightful thing

Don't look at my earrings, dangling to play a game
They are just jealous, that I hear only your name

Don't see my decorated body, My Soul Mate!
See my Soul, waiting for you at the gate

Come to me, to merge our Souls together
And let the Festival of our lives, Go on Forever...

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© Lavanya 2015