Deep down in the cool blue sea
An Oyster lives for no one to see
Drowned in salty waters for years
Knowing only the taste of tears

A beautiful Rainbow came one day
Bringing the Rain as clouds made way
Life came AliveTouching a raindrop
When God showers love, who can stop

The thirsty oyster was blessed with Rain
Wiping the trace of every pain
She wished to gift, a Pearl ring
But except a Poem, she had nothing

Slowly she came - Out of her shell...

Painfully crossingHer lonely Hell
Holding a poem, close to her heart
Hiding sweet love, her journey did start

But when she stood before the Rain
Words failed her, as fate betrayed again
She could not justify, her name with a Pearl
Only a Poem, was her treasure for real

She stood speechless, as years passed by
Even today, her silence echoes the sky.
As the Rain touches, asking "Who Are You"
And reading her Poem wonders,"Do I Know You"

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© Lavanya 2015