Sea Mail

I wrote a letter to You and put it in a bottle
I signed it with a kiss and sealed it with a Seashell

From the temple nearby, the goddess blessed with a smile
As I tossed it on the waves, to float across miles

I watched it day and night, losing my sleep
As little fish jumped over it pulling it deep !

It went down - To bring Pearls from a sunken ship !
To remind You, how the Rain touches an Oyster’s lip

There I see it again ! Riding high on the waves
While the wind takes it far and my blue scarf waves

It is crossing the borders, of my lonely shore
And my mind watches it, as eyes see it no more

Across villages, towns and cities, it stops for no one
For You it comes, through ponds, lakes and oceans

Now it has reached the shores of your Homeland
Now it has stopped mesmerized by the touch of the sand

You are not there, but your love is in the air
It seems lost in the warmth of your loving care

Is it the shade of the coconut trees, or is it your love
What is shielding it from the hot sun and soothing it now

Is it the music of the temple bellsOr is it your voice
What is it trying to hear, among every other noise

For You - It is collecting the Treasure of your Golden Sands
Your Sweet Coconut water and Sandal fragrance for your hands

It is still lingering there, searching for other colors among Green
And I am not surprised - That now my bottle is Green !

It will come to You, When you stand alone in a crowd
When you design a silver lining to every dark cloud

When you are with friends, watching the seas blue

My green little bottle will come to You

Tell me My Soul Mate ! If it does not reach there
It cannot be lost in mirages or stopped somewhere

It must have stayed, On the shores of your Homeland
Mesmerized by the touch of the golden sand

Come with me, To search for it there
Come to see, what my letter has to say

Words may be washed out If You wait for ages

But I know, You can read poetry from my empty pages

Come for my letter, On the shores of your Homeland
And write your reply, On the beautiful Golden Sand

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© Lavanya 2015