Words are becoming few
Silence is feeling New
Lend me some words Now
Cut this silence with Your Love

Disturb this solitude - Say something !
Let me hear Your voice or Your feet tapping
Throw a stone in this unbearably calm stream
Let waves of reality wash away my Dream

Words may hurt, But Silence is cutting like a sharp knife
How long can I imagine, Silent Melodies in my Life ?

Its not just a matter of how we choose to hear
Silence was melodious only when You were here !

Echoes of my lonely cries are disturbing our Silence Now
Tears are wiping away, Words written for My Love
The dream that we love each other is not something New
But only Your Words can make the dream come true

Erase the alphabets, words and lyrics of this painful Silence
I donít want to hear them anymore - In Your Absence or Presence
Talk to me in Simple Words and Let Your Words touch me
Let me forget about Sixth Sense and Let my Five Senses feel

Cut this Painful Silence with Your Love
Lend me some words to cherish Now
The Words in My World are becoming few
And I need only three words - I Love You

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