Will You

When you came like a spring in full bloom
Somehow I felt your heart had a vacant room
The cuckoo in my heart, started singing to me
I tried to silence it, under lock and key

I clipped wings of hope and closed searching eyes
I stopped my feet with chains and replaced songs with sighs

But I never knew when, you set me free
Now my cuckoo sings for you, ignoring me

You stood before my eyes like A Blue oasis with outstretched palms
With great difficulty I stopped myself from running into your arms

I dream of your touch, on my tired limbs
I dream of quenching, the thirst of my lips

This miracle before my eyes, is truly so precious
I'm afraid to come near and touch my oasis

What if I could not handle with care
This mirage may disappear into the thin air

I stand in a distance, suffering the pangs of separation
Its lonely out here, but I'm afraid of rejection

Now tell me, Are we really Soul Mates!
Can you see my dream home with open gates
I aimed to go there, but never knew the way
Out of this Dream Land, Will you take me there?

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© Lavanya 2015